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Love Letter Blanket Handwritten

Valentines Day Special!!

Valentine's Day is observed as a day for expressing love, friendship, and admiration between romantic couples, family members, and friends.

Surprise Your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, parents, child, or your best friend with our Love Letter Blanket. 

A Heartwarming Blanket Wrapped In Fondness…

Once upon a time… and even until today, the best way to confess your emotions is still a letter written from the edge of your heart.

We know it is hard to express what we feel to the people we hold dear to sometimes… even if they are close to us and even if you see each other every day.

It’s just a human thing!

That’s what inspired us to create our Love Letter Blankets that will help capture and express your innermost sentiments like never before.

Yes, never wait to show your appreciation for someone special like your parents, your husband, wife, child, newlyweds, teachers, partner or spouse, or even your best friend because now… we’ve made it so much easier to turn your heartfelt words into a treasurable gift!

Love Letter Blankets are your doorway to a better relationship, your bridge between uncomfortable conversations. Write your heart out in private, and we’ll print them out into a beautiful blanket of the utmost quality that will accompany those you care for through countless nights.

Show your warmth and let them keep the warmth. The people you love deserve to know just how you feel and now with our Love Letter Blankets, you can do it in a special way without you having to say out it loud in embarrassment.

Love Letter Blankets ~ May you tighten your bond or rekindle lost ones like never before…

But be warned… these gorgeous long-lasting blankets are known to induce tears of joy!

Why Love Letter Blanket?

Let the people close to you grasps the very profoundness of your truest emotions as you express your most inner feelings through words that are bound to touch others. Let it live, let it last and let it be seen.

Write a well-thought letter and have it printed on our woven blanket. It will be the most meaningful gift you can give to your parents, your husband, wife child, newlyweds, teachers, partner or spouse, or your best friend!

    Product Specification
    • Woven blankets made from 100% cotton and feature fringe edges.
    • Pearl white/cream color with red and blue lines
    • High quality, warm cozy, and durable

    Care instructions

    Machine wash in cold water using mild detergent and gentle cycle only. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

    Shipping and delivery
    • Made just for you in 3-5 business days, plus 5 to 7 days shipping.
    • Shipping time may vary depending on your location. 
    • Free Shipping worldwide
    • Made in the USA

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