PETrillion Framed Prints

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Minimalist Pet Potraits

The Day You Bring A Pet Home, Is The Day Your House Comes Alive!

Our pets will always hold a special place in our hearts… no matter what! Others might have no idea why… and they may never understand... ever! But inside, our pet is like a child, our closest buddy… as we live together, and we share almost everything together.

Every time we are lost, and every time we get sad, they are always close not just as a friend, but also a family member that’ll never betray.

One look at their innocent yet adorable face can soothe a thousand pains. On any day, they bring laughter and joy, even when they are sleeping in an awkward posture or gobbling down goofily on their treats.

Yes, our pets, our love, our friend, our joy… let us celebrate and decorate with their portrait that delivers a message of our priorities and gratitude.

PETrillion is more than a picture, it is a reminder of an important piece that completes our souls for a period of good times in our life.

Yes, they come and go… as like all good things. When our pets are still with us, PETrillion serves as a mighty trophy! And when they away in heaven, PETrillion will help us remember always.

100% hand-drawn on an iPad with a simple minimalist design, PETrillion is perfect as a wall decor art for your home and makes a wonderful yet memorable gift for any avid pet lovers!

Remember… your pets love you more than anything else in the world!


Three Simple Steps To Create

  1. Choose a favorite photo of your pet (cat, dog, rabbit, or any pets) straight from your phone, tablet, or computer and upload it. Please follow the photo guideline provided.
  2. Personalize your pet portrait: Write your pet's name and date of birth (optional). Select among three sizes, two frame choices, and three background colors.
  3. Custom design & shipping: Our professional illustrators will design a masterpiece while you sit back and relax. We will send you the draft file of your Petrillion before We will ship your artwork in 4 business days and you can expect the delivery to arrive within 7 to 10 business days. Please note shipping time may take longer due to covid19. 


Photo Guide 

PhotoGuide For Your PETrillion Framed Prints

  1. Close up photo with head-on and showing neck for us to accurately draw your pet's face. 
  2. Bright Photo with natural light. To ensure the correct color on your portrait, please send us a photo with very little to no filter on it.
  3. Things to avoid: heavily edited, overhead, and blurry photos.  The right photo is very important to get the best outcome. For more information on image, guidelines click here.


custom minimalist and modern pet portrait.


 Product Specification

Museum Quality Print

Petrillion Framed Prints are professionally printed with sharp details and brilliant colors, this museum-quality paper features a low glare satin finish. 

Frame details:

  • Hardwood frame with 1-inch molding size. 
  • Ready to hang & lightweight


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